10/16: Fleurie with James Droll and Phangs at The Cowan

Electro-indie artist and Nashville native Lauren Strahm (known professionally as Fleurie) uses her music as a tool to communicate opportunities for change and growth. It’s music for new beginnings—the kind of stuff that soundtracks a one-way trip to a new city or a change in season. And it’s a especially apt music for this day and age, where a lot us just want a fresh crack at this whole “life and society” thing.

Fleurie is performing some tracks from her most recent album, Portals, at The Cowan on October 16. She’ll be joined by fellow local artists James Droll and Phangs (revisit our February profile on Phangs here). Tickets are $12, and we’re giving out two for free via this giveaway. Find out more about Fleurie and friends here.

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