10/27: Debauchery at Diskin Cider

Ah, Halloween. Like the other holidays in the better-call-the-babysitter family of yearly events (New Years, St. Patty’s Day, etc), the reason for the Halloween season revolves largely around one thing: raising hell. And though we here at NATIVE are perfect angel babies who never partake in anything scandalous, that doesn’t mean we can’t encourage you to let loose.

That’s why you should check out Diskin Cider’s Debauchery, happening this Saturday at 1235 Martin Street. It’s really all there in the event name, gang: there’s going to be burlesque; there’s going to be fire dancers; there’s going to be aerialists. Plus, Truvy’s Rhinestone Cabaret, cider, and bites. How are you not going to get into trouble, come on!

Get more info here, but don’t blame us for how you feel Sunday morning.


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