11/29: Holiday Gift Guide Party at The Shay

You know that brother-in-law of yours who can’t stop experimenting with new tailgate barbecue techniques? The aunt with a penchant for all things vintage and glamorous? That one friend with a potted plant obsession that extends beyond your average windowsill cactus? We at NATIVE certainly know a few of these folks—that’s why we included them in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. So, to celebrate the fact that we’ve basically made your holiday shopping list for you—and all items are from local Nashville businesses, mind you—we are having a party to celebrate.

Come over to The Shay between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. tonight and get to know the artists and vendors we recommend this year over beer, beignets, and other goodies. Southern Crystal Co., Honor Of, Groh Artifacts, Walker Jewelry, and plenty more will be joining in on the fun, so you can get a head start on that holiday shopping. Find more information on the event and vendors here.

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