7/27: Frist Friday: An Evening of Chaos and Awe w/ past feat Adia Victoria

Frist Friday: An Evening of Chaos and Awe is a collection of images from around the world that celebrate art’s capacity to weave together images of concrete reality with abstractions of emotion, memory, and the digital world. In an attempt to grapple with the unexplainable—world wars, racism, globalism, the complexities of technology—artists must throw out the idea of a capital ‘M’ Meaning or a capital ‘T’ Truth. By taking us out of our reality, the abstract art of An Evening of Chaos and Awe inspires and helps us to put the pieces of the puzzle back together and make sense of it all.

Inspired by the exhibitions Chaos and Awe: Painting for the 21st Century and The Presence of Your Absence Is Everywhere, the evening will feature live performances and interactive pieces and give the audience a chance to participate in the meaning-making of the art process. Performances will feature NATIVE past feature singer-songwriter Adia Victoria, poet and NATIVE past feature Ciona Rouse, composer Darius Jamal VanSluytman, and artist-led programs with Afruz Amighi and NATIVE past feature James Perrin. There will also have food trucks and beverage specials, plus a tasting by NATIVE past feature Chef Maneet Chauhan.

An Evening of Chaos and Awe will take place this Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and is free to Frist Art Museum members, visitors 18 and younger, and college students with ID. Not any of those? It’s only $12. Find more information here.

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