8/2: . In My Feelings: A Night with Daniella Mason, Madi Diaz, & Keeps

We gotta be real: sometimes you can’t help but get lost in your feelings. Nearly everyone has done it (we’re talking about you, Drake). It’s only natural, and it’s often where the best, most authentic art comes from. That’s especially true for this upcoming show at The Cowan—In My Feelings: A Night with Daniella Mason, Madi Diaz, Keeps, and James Perrin.

These four are coming together to share their feelings, but in they do so in introspective, thoughtful way that never feels taxing (unlike some people we know—again, looking at you, Drizzy). Daniella Mason chants victory over bright, enchanting music that pulses like fireflies on a summer’s night; Madi Diaz’s confident voice inspires the cool girl inside of us all; and Keeps’s slow, groovy tunes sound like a daydream on a beach.

Instead of feeling down, come out and get down. Find more information and tickets here.


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