9/1: NATIVE Hurricane Harvey & Houston Benefit Show

The origin of Tennessee’s nickname, the Volunteer State, is the subject of much historical debate. Some say it’s a reference to the valor Tennessee soldiers showed during The War of 1812, particularly during the Battle of New Orleans; others contend it’s because more than 30,000 Tennesseans volunteered in the Mexican-American War. Whatever the source, one thing is certain: we should all work to keep Tennessee’s volunteer spirit alive.

NATIVE is attempting to do its part by throwing a benefit show for victims of Hurricane Harvey this Friday at The High Watt. R.LUM.RKiya LaceySavannah Conley, Josie Dunne, Gullion, Smart Objects, and Milly Roze are performing, and all proceeds will go to disaster relief efforts. For more info, click here. We hope to see you there, showing your volunteer spirit.

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