Artist Spotlight: Ed Nash

If you follow Nashville art, you’re probably familiar with Ed Nash’s work—or at the very least, you’re probably familiar with his seven-thousand-square-foot Eastside studio, which has hosted a slew of art openings, events, and parties. Over the past few years, the Nashville-by-way-of-the-UK artist has amassed an expansive portfolio that includes everything from abstract paintings to distinctive landscapes to “terrain pieces,” which Nash describes as “three dimensional interpretations of planets made with lava rock and a curious blend of materials.” Underpinning all these pieces is an adherence to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, an aesthetic philosophy centered on finding beauty through imperfection.

Nash’s work is currently in the Russell Senate Office Building in D.C., the Tennessee State Museum, the Wailea Beach Resort and Spa in Hawaii, Blackberry Farm, Nashville International Airport, and countless local businesses and homes. To see his paintings in person and learn more,  visit Nash’s annual open studio party, happening September 27 at 1015 West Kirkland Avenue.

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