2018 Nashville Fall Fashion

Well gang, you can finally stop sharing those “can’t wait till it gets colder so I can really start dressing” memes. Or at least we hope you can—we’re just acting like it’ll be cooler by the time this issue comes out. But regardless of temperature, scores of local designers are offering pieces that are perfect for Oktoberfests, those last few outdoor shows, and even trick-or-treating (if someone asks what you are, we recommend saying you’re fresh as hell). Check out the pieces in our spooky-ish shoot, and remember: there’s nothing scarier than someone who doesn’t support the local fashion community.

On Jessica:
Rojas Mule in Napa Leopard, Able
Blazer and Denim Top, 1 of 1 by Tournament
Giant Earbuddies, Marbles

On Ellie:
The Maggie Oversized Parka, Black by Maria Silver
Earbuddies and Resin Rings, Marbles

On Elliot:
Vintage denim, model’s own

On Meg:
Frances Suit, Laura Citron
Denim Shoes, 1 of 1 by Tournament

On Zachary:
Sequin jacket, Any Old Iron

On Alexis:
Dawn Culottes in Topaz + Fuchsia, Laura Citron
Gold Accordion Cape, Laura Citron
The Reyna Tank, Able

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