Fall Fashion: People Like Art

People Like Art is a Nashville-based apparel brand known for creating unique prints inspired by art on modern, minimalist silhouettes. This season’s collection combines organic shapes and textures—jagged lines, faded colors, and frayed edges. Designer Shannon Lea, a Middle Tennessee native, founded PLA in 2010. She aims to inspire creativity with her pieces and believes that clothing should be part of a person’s self-expression: “I want my customers to dress for themselves, not anyone else.” The collection is sold in shops across the country and online at peoplelikeart.com

On Carley: Fault Jacket, $215

On Briann: Artifact Crop, $63

On Sophie: River Walk Dress, $125

On Briann: Desert Haze Crop, $63

On Carley: Quake Dress, $98

People Like Art
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