TICKET GIVEAWAY: Deep Tropics Music, Style, and Art Festival

Though we probably (read: definitely) have one of the best music scenes in the country, Nashville is often—and perhaps rightfully—accused of being a city that doesn’t dance. Well, move-busters, eat your heart out: we’ve got an EDM festival now.

Deep Tropics Music, Art, and Style Festival is this Saturday and Sunday at War Memorial Auditorium. The festival will transform the venue’s concrete landscape into a lush, tropical wonderland and feature musicians, artists, and tastemakers as well as pre-games and after parties for the ages.

Plus, there’s a host of local talent on the bill: Wick-it the InvestigatorKDSML, Super Duper (who co-produced past cover story R.LUM.R’s hit, “Frustrated”), Quiet Entertainer, past feature Coach (with Rate), past cover story BASECAMPNATIVE contributor Jonathon Kingsbury, and many more.

For more information, click here. To see the lineup or purchase tickets, click here.

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