NATIVE EP Premiere: The Pills

Lose yourself in the blown out tape hiss of The Pills‘ new EP, Free Meth. Created in frontman Max Barnett’s bedroom, the EP relies on lush guitars and relentless drums to create a huge walls of sound reminiscent of shoegaze gods My Bloody Valentine and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Opening instrumental track “Breathers” is a mid-tempo trudge that flings you into the full throttle jam of “There’s Always Away,” while the title track dips into straight noise music. All in all, the hypnotic new EP is an exciting look into Nashville’s often overlooked lo-fi music scene.

Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, the The Pills’ live show has become a staple in the local psych-rock scene. Catch them on September 12th at Cobra, and listen to Free Meth now via Nashville tape label Cream Over Misery.

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