NATIVE Premiere: R.LUM.R’s “Suddenly”

“Suddenly” is one of six new songs on Reggie Williams, a.k.a. R.LUM.R’s, new EP, ALTERIMAGE. The EP features stripped-down versions of some of Williams’ most popular songs, many of which appeared on 2017’s AFTERIMAGE. In this altered version of “Suddenly,” Williams reduces the song to the essentials—his voice and a piano. But that’s not to say the track loses any value.

Actually, it’s just the opposite. By placing the focus on the Williams’ crisp tenor—and by extension, his underrated lyrics—the song takes on a more intimate, personal feeling. It also gives Williams the chance to really flex the vocal chops we praised back in our May 2017 cover story (in which we compared his supernatural abilities to the likes of Prince and Freddie Mercury). Throw in superb piano work from Dynamo’s Joshua Blaylock, and you’ve got a timeless moment between two of Nashville’s brightest, most versatile musicians.

The visuals for “Suddenly” match the mood of the EP. Pulsating mirrors shimmer in the background of a small, purple-lit room as Williams sings over the warm keys of a white Bösendorfer piano. There’s only a handful of cuts in the video, and much of them have Williams’ face front and center, yet again putting an emphasis on the man—and words—behind the song.

Says Williams on the track: “‘Suddenly’ was the most emotional to record for me. Josh Blaylock lent his ability to the altered version, creating this atmosphere that changed the whole feel of the song, and certainly my perspective on the lyric. Instead of feeling as apathetic and callous as it does on AFTERIMAGE, it felt like a reluctant goodbye—like trying to convince yourself you don’t care, so it hurts less. I listen to this one probably the most from ALTERIMAGE.”

We can see why. Check out the video above, and listen to ALTERIMAGE everywhere now.

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