NATIVE Single Premiere: Z’s “Paper Rad”

If you weren’t at Cold Lunch Recordings’ Spewfest a couple weeks ago, now is your chance to atone for the cardinal sin of not supporting local music. That’s because today, Cold Lunch is releasing “Paper Rad,” the newest single from punk outfit Z. 

Propelled by scene vet Zach Prosser (Pujol, Mom and Dad), Z is a refreshingly aggressive jolt to Nashville DIY that will land with fans of everything from The Damned to Minor Threat. However, this isn’t your typical Henry Rollins-esque, angry-man-with-his-shirt-off affair (thank God). The quartet describes themselves as “a non-binary band whose aggression isn’t tied to toxic macho B.S.,” and they’re serious about animal rights’ activism. Combine that with some top-notch noise and a groove that Gang of Four wouldn’t be mad about, and you’ve got an appropriately pissed-off slice of punk that feels perfect for 2019. 

Keep up with Z’s next moves via Facebook and Instagram, and check out “Paper Rad” now!

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