Theater Spotlight: Radical Arts

Radical Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit theater organization originally based in Murfreesboro but currently expanding into Nashville. We’re an artistic endeavor promoting acceptance and equality, and our mission is to bring the arts to Middle Tennessee in a positive, enlightening, and educational way. Artistic Director Seth Limbaugh founded Radical Arts in an effort to stray from the safe and expected spectrum of typical theatrical repertoire and focus on the underrepresented. We encourage patrons of all ages to open their minds, explore the unknown, and listen to the unique stories of the marginalized to build a better community.

We made our Music City debut at Music Valley Event Center with our original burlesque show, Down the Rabbit Hole, in March 2017, and we continue to perform burlesque in the space one weekend a month. For our next Nashville project, we’ll be taking on Candarian Demons from another realm in Evil Dead: The Musical, which parodies the 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead by Sam Raimi. This is Radical Arts’ second rendition of the show, and it will feature our iconic Splash Zone for VIP ticket holders. Don’t be afraid to join us at Music Valley Event Center October 20 through November 5. It’s sure to be hellish, guaranteed.

—Radical Arts cast and crew

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