Middle Tennessee’s First Earthship

Check out this Five Folds Creative documentary about the construction of Middle Tennessee's first Earthship by Biotecture of Tennessee. They're raising money to build an entirely self-reliant home made from recycled materials. Donate Here:

Kind of Blue

NATIVE interviews local sculptor, artist, and former Blue Man Josh Elrod

The Man Behind The Mask

NATIVE sits down with Performance Studios’ Gary Broadrick, the man who’s helped fill Nashville with fright for more than two decades.

Happy Place

Following his Hap EP, creative powerhouse Groh is finally making art on his terms

The Ties that Bind

A conversation with artist Beizar Aradini

Normalize It

How Christie and Will Tarleton are changing Tennessee’s opinion on hemp through YUYO Botanics

Paint By Numbers (And Fractals)

Artist Emily Sue Laird is bringing the future to Nashville one UV-reactive, fractal-inspired piece at a time

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Local artist Paul Collins talks about the intersection of art and reporting ahead of his upcoming exhibit at Zeitgeist Gallery

Up in the Air

At Harlan Ruby, one creative family is spreading “sparkle and joy and happiness” across Nashville

NFA Honor Awards Afterparty

Thanks to all of the beautiful people who partied with us at the NFA Honors Awards Afterparty at the Brownlee Design Studio.

Wide Awake

After two decades of creating sublimely abstract, postmodern portraiture, Julia Martin is only now finding her voice

Working It Out

An interview with local artist Marlos E’van