11/4 First Saturday Art Crawl

Gallery-hop along Broadway and beyond with Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl. Every month, the city’s thriving art scene comes to life as over twenty galleries across downtown open their doors to show contemporary painting, photography, and architecture.

Over in the Westwood-Houston neighborhood (or WeHo if you must call it that), there’s a new event called Arts & Music at Wedgewood-Houston. As you could probably surmise, the event features, well, art and music across dozens of of venues, commercial galleries, artist-run studios, and co-working spaces in Wedgewood-Houston. This month, NATIVE will be on hand DJ-ing at co-working space Fort Houston. More info here.

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Chelsea Kaiah James

Why aren't there any ears sculpted onto the presidents of Mt. Rushmore? Because American doesn't know how to listen. - Unkown