Beer From Here: East Nashville Beer Works’ East Meets Weisse

With Hunter Claire Rogers, Experience Manager at NATIVE

Beer Name: East Meets Weisse

Brewery: East Nashville Beer Works

Style: Berliner Weisse Sour

ABV: 5.2%

Food Pairing: White chicken chili

Appearance: Light yellow

Aroma: Clean and citrusy

Where to Find It: On tap at East Nashville Beer Works

Overall Takeaways: 

Lately, I’ve been craving warmth. I know we all have—this cold won’t quit. January crept by, and the cold settled into my bones, making February seem like it exists just to mock and remind us all that winter is still here and it’s in no hurry to leave. So on a recent below-freezing night, I found myself in Inglewood in search of an alcoholic blanket. What I found was the perfect beer, one that’s likely the closest I’ll come to tasting summer this winter.

East Meets Weisse reminded me of humid, 90-degree days. It’s no surprise, considering the first iteration of this sour, which was released back in June, was blended with a summery Creamsicle Oolong tea from the coziest of places—Nashville’s own High Garden Tea. But this new winterized version is brewed with Earl Grey, and it’s by far my favorite sour in town.

Next time you’re after a warm-up, I recommend pairing a growler of East Meets Weisse with a nice, hearty bowl of homemade white chicken chili. The spice will counter the beer’s tartness and complement the earthy hints of Earl Grey tea. Don’t forget to garnish with plenty of fresh lime and cilantro for a final touch of brightness! Spring may be a long way off, and though this combo won’t make the sun come out, it’s the next best thing.

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