10/13-10/15: 29th Annual Southern Festival of Books

Cutting back on screen time? If so, spritz, wipe, and polish those dusty readers and join us this weekend at 29th Annual Southern Festival of Books.

As usual, the Humanities-Tennessee-sponsored festival will be held on the lawn of War Memorial Auditorium and Legislative Plaza. This year, however, the Southern Festival of Books has teamed up with Watkins’ Handmade and Bound Festival, a yearly festival that celebrates DIY printing (so it’s a two-for-one literary festival special, you really can’t go wrong). There will also be used book dealers, cooking demonstrators, a songwriters’ stage, and of course, several intimate panels with book signings from the acclaimed novelists, biographers, and short-story authors.

For a complete list of the authors who will be in attendance and a schedule of panels and events, check out the Humanities Tennessee website here.

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