11/15: Nashville Design Week Closing Block Party at Wilburn Street Tavern

Nashville Design Week is coming to a close today, but have no fear our, aesthete friends. Come on over to Wilburn Street and and get one last taste of the design-centered week—Sparkle City Disco will be providing the soundtrack for the night as you grab some cinnamon rolls from Slim & Husky’s The Rollout, check out the Porter Flea Design Market, view a lighting installation from Cour Design, and way more. Businesses along Wilburn Street will be open for you to explore, and Lyft will be giving discounted rides to the Block Party to save you the parking hassle. And if you can’t wait until tonight, we made a Nashville Design Week playlist to hold you over until the fun starts at 5:30 p.m.

Get more information on the party (and that Lyft discount code!) here.

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