11/8-15: Nashville Design Week

At NATIVE, we first and foremost believe in uniting the people in the Nashville community who are making and doing cool stuff. We also firmly believe in the power of design. Whether it’s in the pages of our magazine, our local designers, or the physical layout of our city, we think thoughtful, intentional design can help alleviate the monotonous and monolithic grip of daily life (and don’t we all really need something that does that right now?).

So naturally, Nashville Design Week—a yearly event including “exhibitions, talks, tours, workshops, and installations that showcase Nashville’s design talent and educate the public on the role of all design professions in bettering lives”—is right up our alley.

And this year, NDW has really outdone itself. Catch “Wayne White: HOOZYTHINKYIZ?” by our friends at Hatch Show Print, shop the vintage market and meet local designers at Denim Days (and listen to our Denim Days playlist while you’re at it), take an open tour of Class Glass Studio, and more. Just imagine all of your inspo albums coming to life, add a few insightful talks from brilliant locals, and you’ve got an idea of what NDW is all about.

Get more information and RSVP here.

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