12/1: New Material II: A Variety Show at Soft Junk

One of the First World problems New Nashville has created: we have a lot of options for Saturday night. You can go see a movie, or maybe a play; you could stroll through a gallery for some artistic inspiration; and then there’s always the option of finishing off your week with a loud concert. This Saturday, we recommend you do all of the above and go to “New Material II: A Variety Show!” hosted by Ana Echo (also known as Lambda Celsius) at Soft Junk at 9 p.m.

Artists like Internet Boyfriend, Eve Maret, and Crystal Wood will be performing, and Jackalope Brewing Company will be providing refreshments. The 18-and-up variety show “is an evening of performances ranging from the musical to the theatrical, all staged in character attire from the world of Lambda Celsius.” To find out what that means, you’ll just have to be there. Get more information on the event and performers here, and revisit our profile on Ann Catherine Carter (who may or may not be Lambda Celsius/Ana Echo) here.

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