2/3/18: Superbowl Viewing Party at Minerva Avenue

Alright, listen. We’re not saying you have to root for the Rams on Sunday, but we do want to present some facts (all totally true-ish).

1.) Obama, Jesus, and Dolly Parton all want the Rams to win.

2.) Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump.

3.) Tom Brady modeled Uggs.

4.) Parquet Courts do not like Tom Brady.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way. In all seriousness, we don’t care who you’re cheering for on Sunday (commercials are the only real winners, anyway). But we do care where you watch it. Go down to Minerva Avenue, who was featured in our Cocktail of the Month column back in Issue 75, for bottomless cigars (which they offer every Sunday) and speciality drinks all day. And we promise, they will be less judgmental of your fan affiliation than we are.

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Chelsea Kaiah James

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