2/7: Self-Care for Murderinos at TRILUNA Wellness

Are you a Georgia or a Karen? Do you feel sorry for Steven because he has to stay home and take care of Georgia’s cats all the time? Do you wonder if Elvis ever gets tired of “talking” for a cookie?

If so, we’ve got the event you, you Nashville Murderino. And if you have no idea what the hell we’re talking about, consider this your primer: fans of hit true crime/comedy podcast¬†My Favorite Murder¬†call themselves Murderinos. And tonight, local wellness event center TRILUNA is hosting a special Self-Care for Murderinos workshop, where fans of the pod will be able to do yoga, drink Bloody Marys, and talk about everything from face masks to The Zodiac Killer.

Not MFM listener? Don’t worry. Like any proper cult, The Murderino Fan Cult is always accepting new members, and tonight’s event is open to everyone. So come out to TRILUNA from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., and remember: STAY SEXY AND DON’T GET MURDERED.

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