2018 NATIVE Gift Guide

For our sixth NATIVE Gift Guide, we decided to do things a little differently. As usual, we featured products from nearly fifty local businesses, but this time, we pulled items with some explicitly Nashville-y archetypes in mind. We like to think this guide has gifts for the person who can speak on Iron Maiden’s discography with authority (this guy definitely prefers the Paul Di’Anno albums); gifts for the person who says “Anchor down!” way too often (you only get a pass on game day); and gifts for the person who is perpetually posting from wineries and farmer’s markets (seriously, what do these people do for a living?).

We hope the fictional Nashvillians we’ve created in these pages not only make you chuckle, but also inspire you to buy local for the thrash aficionado or SEC fanatic in your life. Because whether you spend your Saturdays combing through record store bargain bins or tailgating, you’re a Nashvillian. And Nashvillians should try and support the people making stuff in this city.



  1. Pink Star Vintage Green Glass Decanter, Pre to Post Modern, $18
  2. Super Gold Sparkling Sake, Proper Sake, $25
  3. Armadillo Basket, Hail, Dark Aesthetics, $279
  4. Ram Skull, Hail, Dark Aesthetics, $199-$299
  5. Moondance Candle, Goodwin, $45
  6. Leather + Pine Eau de Parfum, Ranger Station, $95
  7. Nola Santoku Knife, Coutelier Nashville, $170
  8. Clear Glass Service for 4 Set (4 cups, 4 platters in full set), Pre to Post Modern, $10
  9. Cab! Goes the Country 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, City Winery Nashville, $26
  10. Clary All Purpose Balm, Clary Collection, $17
  1. Alabama White Bar-B-Que Sauce, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, $6.95
  2. Dixie Rib Rub, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, $7.95
  3. Tadafusa Sanjo Knife, Coutelier Nashville, $130
  4. Four Pound Spare Ribs (Dry), Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, $24.99 (with three sides)


  1. Pink Star Vintage Lavender Gloves, Pre to Post Modern, $16
  2. Bell-White Rotary Phone, Pre to Post Modern, $22
  3. Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century by Nate Chinen, The Bookshop, $27.95
  4. Tennessee Naughty Tea Four-Pack, Natchez Hill Vineyard & Winery, $14.99
  5. Cocokind Highlighter Kit, Lemon Laine, $35
  6. Aether Palette, Lemon Laine, $58
  7. Otis James Bow Tie B414, Keep Shop, $100
  8. Sunrise Hoops, Walker Jewelry, $90
  9. Molly Earrings, Walker Jewelry, $90
  10. Marbles Accessories Resin Rings, Anteater/Elephant Gallery, $20 (each)
  11. Form Collar, Portmanteau by Blaque Reily, $178
  12. Flow Bracelet, Portmanteau by Blaque Reily, $158
  13. Emil Erwin Medium Clutch (in Salmon Metallic), Keep Shop, $150
  14. Gold-Filled Chain Bracelet, Branded Collective, $44
  15. La Luna Ring, Walker Jewelry, $140
  16. Pink Star Vintage Polka Dot Pocket Square, Pre to Post Modern, $12
  1. Smudge Kit, Vetiver Modern Massage, $24
  2. Master and Pioneers Thai Ruby Oolong Tea, Firepot Nomadic Teas, $16.99
  3. Pink Star Vintage Karoff Originals Shrimp Cocktail Sea Servers (6 servers in full set), Pre to Post Modern, $32


  1. Gray Market Tote, Honor Of, $38
  2. Elliston Bandana, Vinnie Louise, $14
  3. Facial Trio Gift Set (1 of 3 included), Erin Body Care, $70
  4. Emnet Pouch (in Cognac), Able, $58
  5. Honey Brown Velvet Hair Scrunchie, Honor Of, $28
  6. Nashville: Scenes From the New American South by Ann Patchett & Heidi Ross, Parnassus Books, $35
  1. Pilea in Hanging Planter, Gardens of Babylon, $70
  2. Travel Set (2 of 3 items included), YuYo Botanics, $175
  3. Leiper’s Fork Distillery/Bongo Java Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Bongo Java, $14.50


  1. Brett Douglas Hunter Lamp, Anteater/Elephant Gallery, $275
  2. Policeman Dan, Mailman Mike (A bird can be anything she wants to be), R. Ellis Orrall Gallery, $125  
  3. The Truett Cruiser, Salemtown Board Co., $168
  4. Gmorning, Gnight! Little Pep Talks for Me & You by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonny Sun, Parnassus Books, $22
  5. Garage by Olivia Erlanger and Luis Ortega Govela, The Bookshop, $21.95
  6. An Anarchy of Chilies by Caz Hildebrand, $29.95
  7. POM POMS Vol. I: Romanticizing the DIY Music Scene & Style of Nashville by Marcus Maddox, Anteater/Elephant Gallery, $40
  8. Elijah Mini Rug, Apple & Oak, $220
  9. Vans Tumble SK8-Hi Reissue, ROOTED, $70
  10. Pink Star Vintage Tiger Ashtray, Pre to Post Modern, $24
  11. Vintage Mini Rubix Cubes, Pre to Post Modern, $4
  12. Vintage 1992 Playboy, Pre to Post Modern, $6


  1. Collection One Wallpaper Sheet, New Hat Designs, $55
  2. Deep Dream by Daddy Issues, Infinity Cat Recordings, $15 
  3. Casey’s Tape by Colleen Green, Infinity Cat Recordings, $15
  4. Skinny Velvet Camera Strap (in Williamsburg), Original Fuzz, $65









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