2/10: Spewfest III

Spew season is among us once again, and this year’s lineup is as gnarly as ever. The third installment of Spewfest, presented by Cold Lunch Recordings, is bringing 31 bands to three different stages, split between Cobra and the East Room. Cobra will have a stage in the front room and the backroom, and you have to be 21 or up for admission (East Room is 18+ for all the young bloods out there).

There are quite literally too many great artists to mention—you can see the full lineup on the Facebook event page—but we think there’s a few past-features you should plan on seeing: Sad Baxter will perform on the Puke Stage in the front room of Cobra at 8:15. Later, you can catch Keeps at 10:45 on the Nashville Psych Alliance stage in the back room. Daddy Issues is putting on the final show of the night at the East Room’s Stringjoy Stage at 11:45.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on Cold Lunch Recording’s website here.

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