3/17: Sparkle City Disco 6 Year Anniversary Party

Sparkle City Disco is celebrating half a dozen years of DJing this Saturday at The Basement East. And y’all better buckle in, because this event will be spinning until 2 a.m. There’s going to be some guest DJs, too:┬áJake Orrall of Earthbound sound and┬áKyle Scudder & Tanner Lunn.

Jonas Stein from Sparkle City graced the cover of NATIVE in 2015, back when his band Turbo Fruits was still performing. Now, he’s one half of the best vinyl-spinning duo in Nashville. The event page says even more surprises for the anniversary performance are on the way (Matt Schultz from the Cage the Elephant has ben known to guest DJ, just sayin’). Tickets for the event can be purchased online.

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