4/26: NATIVE Show and Tell

Join NATIVE and special co-host Marcia Masulla for the next Show and Tell, a monthly speaking series that features some of Nashville’s finest creatives. The event will take place tomorrow at 6 p.m. at WeWork One Nashville Place. Join us for a night of conversation, food, drink, and inspiration with:

Shannon Ware and Melody Jennings Bowers

Jennings Bowers and Ware know data. After founding Virtual Collective, a company that brought together virtual teams to provide clients with digital services, they realized people either didn’t understand or value data. With that, Her Data Method was born, and Ware and Jennings Bowers will provide female business owners with the data collection skills that help businesses excel in our increasingly digital world.

Lindsey C. Langley, a.k.a Lynclair

Lindsey, a.k.a. Lynclair, is a community organizer and activist in her adopted neighborhood of Katie Hill. Lynclair helps her neighbors with basic necessities like school supplies and gifts during the holiday season, but also tackles daunting issues like gentrification, affordable housing, and gender equality. She created Project NENA in 2015 to give a voice to the Northeast Nashville community.

Maria “Poni” Silver

Poni launched her first line in 2011 and subsequently had her work showcased in four consecutive Nashville Fashion Week runway shows and this year was was the recipient of the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund. She is also the founder of Found Object Records and the raddest drummer we know.

Sunny Becks and Fiona Flaherty

For almost exactly two years, the mother-daughter duo of Becks and Flaherty have been bringing color to Nashville’s ever-growing event scene. Located in Harlan Ruby in East Nashville—which was featured in Issue 69 of NATIVE—Vroom Vroom Balloon has become Nashville’s go-to purveyor of the unlikely (but Instagram-ready) party favors.

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