5/17-18: Thibaudet Plays Turangalila at the Nashville Symphony

It’s no secret that Nashville is home to some serious music gear heads. As matter of fact, we’d be willing to bet that we have more people per capita who can talk about the intricacies of vacuum tubes or the subtle differences between the Boss CE-2 and CE-3 than any other city on earth. We guess it comes with the territory of being Music City.

With that in mind, might we recommend that the gear heads in our midst consider checking out “Thibaudet Plays Turangalila” this Friday and Saturday at the Nashville Symphony. Soloists Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Cynthia Millar will perform the Messiaen symphony on the Ondes Martenot, an early, theremin-adjacent electronic instrument that was invented in 1928 (it may sound familiar to fans of Radiohead’s Kid A or the The Black Cauldron score). The show will begin with a lecture and demonstration with Nashville Symphony Music Director Giancarlo Guerrero and the aforementioned soloists. Get all the info here.

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