5/9: Creative Release at Nashville Urban Winery

At NATIVE, we believe in the catharsis that comes with creativity. We think there’s nothing like that feeling you get when your hard work—the stuff that’s the result of sleepless nights in front of the laptop, sewing machine, or studio monitors—is finally ready to be released into the world. It might just be the coolest (and most anxiety-inducing) feeling there is.

To celebrate that feeling, NATIVE is bring back Creative Release, an event where the creative endeavors featured in the pages of NATIVE come to life. Every month, NATIVEs will get a chance to experience some of the finest creative projects in Nashville firsthand. But more importantly, you’ll get a get to meet the people who painstakingly built those projects with nothing but their blood, sweat, and side hustles (it’s difficult to explain to your granny why you have four jobs).

This month’s creative release is on May 9 at Nashville Urban Winery and will begin at 7 p.m. We’ll have DJ sets from past cover story Sucre and past superlative HookerLegs; readings from The Porch; art by past Artist Spotlight Rachel Growden; fashion from NATIVE-featured designers Andrew Gallivan and Ashleigh Caine; plant-based ice cream from Kokos; and art from David Hellams of Crappy Magic with projections by Tyler Blankenship.

As always, the event is FREE, Hi-Fi will man the photo booth, and we’re going to have drink specials. Get all the info here.

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