6/7-6/10: Fort Houston’s The Ville

Describing Nashville—especially today’s Nashville—to an outsider can be tough. Between the various musical factions, approximately 38,905,942 opening every day, and the ever-changing landscape, it’s difficult to know exactly what to tell someone about (or to even know what’s going on).

Luckily, our friends over at Fort Houston have done the nearly impossible for this year’s Bonnaroo: they’ve condensed some of the best parts of our city into one artsy, musical, delicious place: The Ville. Located in Plaza 7—for those of of you hip to Farm geography, that’s the old The Grind coffee barn, next to the The Grove—The Ville will be a barn full of art by past NATIVE cover story Brett Douglas Hunter, hot chicken, Dino’s burgers (we can feel this curing our collective hangover already), speaker panels, and DJ sets from everyone’s favorite local disco bacchanal, Sparkle City.

You’ll know where to find us this weekend.

Read our story on Fort Houston here, and also be sure to check out Plaza 9, which will host Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant‘s Happy Roo Day Plaza. It’s going to be like Shultz’s brain exploded in campground, and we can’t wait.

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