7/21: Past feat Sad Baxter Live At Grimey’s

Sad boys and girls of Nashville unite! Past feature Sad Baxter has perfected the lo-fi buzzing sounds of Nashville underground grunge with their newest EP, So Happy. The band boasts that their forthcoming EP is “a collection of sonic contradictions.”

We believe it.

Thanks to Deezy Violet’s sludgy guitars and Alex Mojaverian’s heavy beats, “Baby”—the So Happy single available on all listening platforms now—ignites a rebellious fire upon first listen. But at the same time, Violet’s lyrics address the complexities of life and death, depression, and self-doubt—ya know, dinner conversation topics. All in all, it’s a sad-happy juxtaposition that we can’t get enough of.

That’s why you should come check Sad Baxter out on Saturday, July 21 at 5 p.m at their Grimey’s in-store. It’s free (!) and you’ll be able to hear So Happy in its entirety.

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