7/30: Miss Audrey w/ Stasney May & Houston Kendrick

Nashville’s musical history is colorful, to say the least. Despite being internationally known for country music, various genres have held their own in music city. Speaking of colorful, local pop artist Miss Audrey—the one with the bright blue hair—will be performing with some help from Houston Kendrick and Stasney Mav at The High-Watt on Saturday night, July 30.


Miss Audrey speaks of teenage disillusionment in love—the kind of love that we are told exists, but despite any evidence for it, she keeps searching and singing. With lyrics laid on top on catchy, LA-style pop, you can at least dance your heartbreak away. Houston Kendrick, dressed in pink on pink, seeks to inspire his listeners to be true to themselves. In a world that tells boys that pink is for girls, wearing pink is more than just a color; it’s rebellion that inspires multi-dimensional thinking. And lastly, Statsney Mav, with her new single “Nightmare,” will be sure to keep the dancing going throughout the night.


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