8/11: NATIVE’s Guide to Tomato Arts Festival

Is it tuh-MAH-toh or tuh-MAY-toh’? Is it a fruit or a vegetable?

These kinds of questions can turn friends into enemies and neighbors into strangers. But it’s time to reconcile our differences. The Tomato Arts Festival is once again bringing two days of wild, tomato-loving fun to East Nashville on August 10 and 11.

The celebration is known for its wacky contests, tomato-inspired art, and a parade full of hilarious floats and spectacular costumes. This year, there are some new additions to the festival like the Bloody Mary Garden Party and the 37206 Stage presented by Pickers Vodka. There will also be tomato-based cooking demonstrations and the infamous Tomato Art Fest Bloody Mary Competition that will (hopefully) leave you red in the face.

For the last fifteen years, The Tomato Arts Festival has won over own hearts and our taste buds. It just wouldn’t be summer without it.

Find more information here.

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