8/23: PechaKucha Night at The Frist

Small talk, chitchat, shooting the shit. Whatever term you prefer, one thing is certain: idle chatter with people you don’t know super well can suck. And it especially sucks when you have nothing in common with the person you’re conversing with (“No Uncle Dave, I did not know that about taxidermy, please tell me more!”).

Luckily, the folks down at Nashville Civic Design Center and the Frist Art Museum are bringing Nashville the cure for the common chatter: PechaKucha Night. Originating in Tokyo in 2003, PechaKucha (Japanese for “chitchat”) is networking and presentation event that follows a pretty simple format: speakers show twenty images in twenty seconds. Needless to say, there’s no time to start checking your Insta or wondering when you can stop listening to some anecdote involving Bastion nachos.

Get all the info on PechaKucha night here.

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