8/31: Meth Dad and Basic Printer Dual Album Release at Mercy Lounge and High Watt

Sometimes, we just need a break from being normal. Mundanity can get a little exhausting: getting the same coffee in the same spots, giving the same close-mouthed smiles to strangers on the sidewalk, hiding your computer folder full of the same self-made memes of your cat (Just us? Worth a shot).

Our antidote for the “normal” epidemic? Meth Dad and Basic Printer’s dual album release party at The Mercy Lounge and The High Watt. Meth Dad is releasing his new album, SWATE DREAMS, and Basic Printer is debuting his EP, GOOD WEIRD. The two synthpop artists will be joined by friends like Scale Model, HR Lexy, DJ Skrewface, and more—all bringing you the weirdest and funky-est beats the city has to offer.

Things kick off at 8:00 p.m. at Mercy Lounge, and tickets for the 18+ party are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Get more info here, revisit our 2015 feature on Meth Dad here, and come out to get cured of that nasty case of  normal.

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