9/8: The Rabbit Hole at Henley Nashville

Blowing your friends’ minds with your awesome culinary prowess is one of the best feelings around, but sometimes we all need a little culinary inspiration (no, we totally didn’t get that recipe from The Barefoot Contessa, why do you ask?).

If you’re looking for something fresh, look no further. Henley Executive Chef Daniel Gorman and LeeAnn Trammell-Cherry of Bear Creek Farm are teaming up to host Rabbit Hole, a “Farmer and the Chef” cooking class that will help you achieve that “wait, this is really good!” moment in your kitchen.

The class offers farmers market finds and local, all-natural meats, plus complimentary wine (something we’ve never been mad about in any setting). Once the class is over, sample the final product next to Gordon and Trammell-Cherry at a seated lunch. You can thank us later for the compliments at your next dinner party.

Tickets are $75 a person and can be found here.

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