Artist Spotlight: Kit Reuther

Kit Reuther is a local painter and sculptor whose latest exhibit, Unruly, employs utilitarian materials like packing pillows, spray paint, and styrofoam to create a body of work that is at once minimal and arresting. In contrast to the muted still lifes of her early career, Unruly sees Reuther creating bold—and often unsettling—found object pieces that speak to life in 2018.

“I tend to relate my work to audible sound when I am painting, and there is no denying this series has turned up the volume and commands a louder presence than previously ‘quieter’ work,” the artist explains. “Restlessness was de rigueur, and even the more minimal works have an unapologetic, dogged presence. Nothing is simple and quiet in 2018.”

Born and raised in Nashville, Reuther is a graduate of O’More College of Design and has received artist fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She’s participated in residencies from Germany to Massachusetts, and her work is currently in the Tennessee State Museum, The AT&T Building, the Dirksen Senate Office Building in D.C., and countless other galleries, retail spaces, and businesses throughout the United States.

Unruly is running now through October 27 at David Lusk Gallery.  

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