“Arts N Motion” + NATIVE

NATIVE has partnered with the Metro Transit Authority team as part of the “Arts N Motion” campaign, providing a novel platform for local creatives to share their work.

MTA’s campaign launched near the end of 2017, starting with a series from Nashville studio New Hat Projects. The studio’s designs were placed on bus shelters all around town (and on the back cover of NATIVE). They also designed a custom wrap for one very lucky MTA bus.  

Arts N Motion is working with all types of creatives—visual artists, poets, you name it—in their initiative. Soon, riders will be hearing poetry over the MTA speakers. NATIVE, however, is taking the lead with the visual art.


Current artist – Tess Erlenborn

MTA and NATIVE are currently showing the work of Nashville artist Tess Erlenborn. Her watercolor monsters have been spotted waiting for the bus at various stops around the city, and soon, she’ll have a bus wrap of her own.

Erlenborn’s work is displayed on her website , as well as Ugly Mugs in East Nashville. Like the folks at New Hat Projects, Erlenborn’s art has also landed on the back cover of NATIVE.


Next up – Thaxton Abshalom Waters

Anyone who saw Thaxton Waters speak at NATIVE’s Show and Tell event last week knows that he is, well, the man. Waters tends to downplay his influence in the North Nashville art community. His impact, however, has been undeniable. Waters ranks highly in the pantheon of North Nashville artists but through projects like Art History Class Lifestyle Lounge and Gallery he’s also become the man writing the story—a legend and a curator.

He was a panelist in NATIVE’s first Show & Tell, discussing the ways Nashville can rediscover its history through its art. His personal art will soon be featured by Arts N Motion and NATIVE.

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