Beer from Here: Jackalope’s Lovebird

Beer Name: Lovebird

Brewery: Jackalope

Style: Hefeweizen

ABV: 4.4%

Food Pairing: Boiled Crawfish

Appearance: Foggy body with foamy head

Aroma: Bright and fruity

Where to Find It: The Filling Station

Overall Takeaways: 

Cold weather just doesn’t want to leave. It’s like a bad date who won’t get the hint that it’s time for the check. As soon as you think you’re in the clear, another conversation has popped up and you’re cornered into pretending you’ve seen the movie they’re quoting.

Mother Nature has been playing games with us lately, but Jackalope’s Lovebird is here to ease our troubled hearts. Next time the sun is out, find a six pack and throw some blankets down in the backyard. This beer’s crisp tartness and light body are the perfect counterpart to a lazy day in the sun.

If you’re really feeling your oats, grab a few pounds of Louisiana Seafood Company’s boiled crawfish from their truck off of Gallatin Avenue (which is conveniently just a half mile from The Filling Station). They say opposites attract, and it couldn’t be more true for these two. That cajun spice needs a little sweet, and Lovebird is the perfect complement.

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