Beer From Here: Lil’ Blondie

with Shelby Graham, Account Representative at NATIVE

Beer Name: Lil’ Blondie

Brewery: Diskin Cider

Style: Semi-Sweet Southern Cider

ABV: 5.6%

Food Pairing: Honey-lemon glazed salmon

Appearance: Clean blonde

Aroma: Crisp apple

Where to Find It: Diskin Cider

Overall Takeaway:

Fall is finally in the air here in Nashville, and what better way to celebrate than with a crisp apple cider like Diskin’s Lil’ Blondie? Not only is it the perfect drink for the season, but it’s perfect for people like me who don’t drink a lot of beer and need to avoid gluten. Diskin gets hard cider just right, using only fresh apples and no added sugar. It’s bubbly, not too sweet, and super refreshing.

Even better, Diskin Cider just opened the first cidery in Nashville! So now you can find Lil’ Blondie at their space in Wedgewood-Houston in addition to grocery stores and restaurants around town.

One of my favorite meals is my mom’s homemade salmon that she tops with a honey-lemon glaze and pairs with seasoned roasted vegetables. The crispy-yet-sweet apple notes of the Lil’ Blondie work as a harmony pairing with the honey-lemon glaze while simultaneously contrasting the savory veggies. It really is the perfect sweet-savory combo to ease you into fall.

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