Beer From Here: New Heights’ Chocolatl

With Paige Pennington, Account Representative and Administrative Coordinator at NATIVE

Beer Name: Chocolatl

Brewery: New Heights

Style:  Aztec Chocolate Porter

ABV: 5.5%

Food Pairing: Beef Stew

Appearance: Opaque brown with a tan head

Aroma: Cinnamon spice, chocolate

Where to Find It: New Heights Brewing Company

Overall Takeaways: 

Lately I wake up every morning hoping it’ll finally be cold enough to put on a light jacket, roll down the windows in my truck, and put on some Miles Davis. Fall is nearly here, and I think we’re all ready for those evenings when time slows down a bit.

New Heights’ Chocolatl gives me a taste of just that. Brewed with over forty pounds of chocolate, this Aztec Chocolate Porter immediately gives you a smooth, sweet taste in the front. But the real reason I chose this beer is because of its finish: the Saigon cinnamon and chilis impart a light spice that makes me want to wrap up in a blanket on a rainy fall night—Chocolatl in hand, of course.

This beer made me immediately start craving my momma’s venison stew (can you tell I grew up in the South yet?). The savoriness of the meat pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the porter, but as much as I’d love everyone to try my mother’s cooking, I understand that’s not really practical. So here’s my advice: throw some kind of stew on the stove, get a fire going, and enjoy this perfectly crafted beer.

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