Contributor Spotlight: Gabriel Max Starner

About me: I’m a millennial that grew up in the South. I studied religion and studio art in undergrad and marriage and family therapy in grad school. Now, I work as a commercial photographer. I’m queer and non-religious, and some of my family’s still upset about it. I really like gardening. INFJ 4w5.

Photography: I mostly shoot products and food. Making weird composite photos is my favorite, but those projects usually don’t pay the bills.

Hopes and dreams: Universal health care, student loan forgiveness, reparations, fully funded education, luxury wages for teachers, sex positivity, universal basic income, the end of conversion therapy, the end of private prisons, the end of religious fundamentalism, and more Democratic candidates elected in Nashville and in the South.

Important messages: I want every queer and trans person to know that they are precious and worthy of love. Bad theology kills. Black lives matter. Protect trans kids.

Website/Instagram: @gabrielmaxstarner


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