Five Years of Fashion

Over the past five years, NATIVE has had the honor of publishing profiles, fashion editorials, and gift guides featuring some of Nashville’s finest fashion designers. We’ve also been fortunate enough to cover local restaurants, businesses, and venues with incredible merchandise—t-shirts, pins, and hats that are now fashion statements in their own right.

So for our five-year anniversary, we decided to combine the two. We’ve mixed pieces from Nashville designers with merch from beloved local businesses in an effort to thank a few of the folks that keep our city looking good.

ON FARAN: Hat, Fanny & June | Earrings, Portmanteau Jewelry | Ring, Seraphine Jewelry | Blouse, OPIUM
ON DYLAN: Earrings, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Dress, Amanda Valentine ON FARAN: Earrings, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Dress, Amanda Valentine | Leather Pants, Amanda Valentine ON CHELSEA: Dress, Amanda Valentine | Shoes, Ceri Hoover
ON FARAN: Earrings, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Cuff, Portmanteau Jewelry | Bracelet, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Sweater, Savant Vintage | Dress, Ona Rex ON DYLAN: Ring, Seraphine Jewelry | Shoulder Guards, Ona Rex | Dress, The Basement East, The Belcourt, CREMA, Robert’s Western World
ON CHRISTIAN: Hat, Little Harpeth Brewing | Jacket, Any Old Iron
ON DYLAN: Top and Pants, Ona Rex | Shoes, Nisolo
ON CHRISTIAN: Earrings, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Jacket, Savant Vintage
ON AMIYA: Coat, Atelier Savas | Belt, Emil Erwin | Dress, Cavanagh Baker | Skirt, Cavanagh Baker | Shoes, Nisolo
ON FARAN: Earrings, Portmanteau Jewelry | Rings, Seraphine Jewelry | Dress, Ola Mai | Bathing Suit, Black by Maria Silver | Shoes, Nisolo
ON MOLLY: Earrings, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Coat, Atelier Savas | Jacket, Jamie + the Jones | Marbled Top, Jamie + the Jones | Jeans, Savant Vintage | Shoes, Nisolo
ON AMIYA: Earrings, Portmanteau Jewelry | Bathing Suit, Black by Maria Silver | Bags, Emil Erwin
ON MOLLY: Sequin Suit, Any Old Iron | T-shirt, Jackalope Brewing Company
ON MOLLY: Coat, Savant Vintage | Necklace, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | Dress, Amanda Valentine ON AMIYA: Earrings, Margaret Ellis Jewelry | T-shirt, Rolf & Daughters | Dress, Savant Vintage | Shoes, Ceri Hoover ON CHRISTIAN: T-shirt, Five Points Pizza | Overalls, Savant Vintage

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