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The NATIVE Color Issue is a Nashville community art project we launched two years ago. For one issue of NATIVE, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, and advertisers come together to create an issue which is entirely black, white, grayscale, and one spot color. The idea is that working in a limited color palette can yield unexpected results.

This year our color is periwinkle, and our theme is “Sweet and Sour.” In the following pages, you’ll see illustrations from seventeen local artists who were kind enough contribute. If you’d like to learn more about them, check out the contributor spread at the end of this section.




A one man design and screenprint shop specializing in limited edition show posters and other assorted debauchery. 

Ava Puckett

Ava Puckett is an illustrator based in East Nashville, specializing in handmade greeting cards that are often punny and sometimes inappropriate. Ava is a lover of coffee, pit bulls, and all things chocolate.

Brothers Design Co.

Handcrafted visuals. Traditional branding, film photography, and illustration services. 

Derek Anderson 

I am a senior graphic design student at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. Lately I have been working with Anderson Design Group making poster art. I recently finished working on their 59 Illustrated National Parks Coloring Book.

Emily Miller 

Emily Miller, a child of the farmland of Illinois and graduate of Memphis College of Art, now an illustrator in Nashville, TN. Currently focused on revitalizing walls and beautifying old buildings, you can find her artwork in hidden and surprising places throughout town. When she is not occupied with making Nashville a prettier place to live, you can find her on roller skates with a slice of pizza.

Erin Alise Borzak, Perigee Press

Erin Alise Borzak is a freelance illustrator, printmaker, art director, and barista just trying to make it through each day without spilling anything on herself. She has always lived in Nashville and probably will for awhile longer.,

Andy Bird, Friendly Arctic Printing & Design

Our shop is located in East Nashville at 1045 Granada Ave.

Holly Carden 

Holly Carden specializes in high-detail, hand-drawn illustration, with a particular fondness for cartoon maps and cutaways. Her work includes puzzles, seek-and-finds, colorable maps and mazes, and the occasional sad animal. 

Kyle Jones

A true native, I live in East Nashville with my wife, Mandy. I’m an illustrator, motion designer, and creative director at GoNoodle. I really like Mitchell’s sandwiches.

Kyle Numann

Working mainly with ink and paper (and digital coloring), Kyle enjoys creating detailed scenes and depth using the simplest of ingredients. When he is not making art, Kyle makes music and plays in the local bands Cloudmouth and Crack Mammoth. 

Matthew Shurrrr

I’m actually from here. I like stuff and things. I like to make stuff and things.

Michael Korfhage

Hi there. I’m an artist, illustrator, and lifelong Nashvillian lucky enough to make a living drawing pictures.

Molly Brooks 

Molly Brooks is a freelance illustrator and comics maker. At this very moment she is probably eating jelly beans and definitely drinking tea. Graphic novels forthcoming from First Second (Flying Machines with Alison Wilgus, May 2017) and Disney-Hyperion (Sanity & Tallulah series, 2018 and beyond). 

Rachel Briggs

Rachel Briggs is an illustrator and designer based in Nashville. Formerly art director and editorial designer at American Songwriter and Time Out Chicago magazines, her work has since appeared on album covers, show posters, music videos, beer cans, and in publications from Brooklyn Arts Press, Third Man Books, and more. She is behind Lonesome Mountain, a slowly unveiled graphic novel published online (with a print release set for next year).

Graeme Morris, Risology Club

Co-owner of Risology club, a risograph printshop located in Nashville, TN. I created my piece for this issue using found imagery and utilizing the risograph’s unique look of printing. The piece is entitled “Stay in Bed.”

Chris Cheney, Sawtooth Print Shop

Chris Cheney is an illustrator and co-owner/operator of Sawtooth Print Shop, a local letterpress and design studio.

Sydney Baldwin, Perigee Press

Sydney Baldwin is an illustrator, printmaker, and graphic designer from Burbank, California. She spends most days singing show tunes to distract herself from the unrelenting reality that we will all one day die. She also likes pizza.,

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