Most Likely To Win A Beauty Pageant And/Or Pierce Your Septum

BettyAnn is a former beauty queen—she won Miss Tattoo USA in 2008—and calendar girl that’s been piercing in Nashville since 2003. After working at local staple Icon Tattoo and Piercing, she opened Dahlia Fine Jewelry & Body Piercing in August. The Berry Hill shop is the only piercing-only (i.e. no tattooing) spot in town, and it’s one of only a few exclusively disposable studios (i.e. all the equipment is thrown away after each piercing) in the country. BettyAnn is also an instructor at Fakir Body Piercing and Branding Intensives in San Francisco, and her clients rave about her knowledge, experience, and calming presence. As it turns out, the same poise that can earn someone a sash can come in handy while holding sharp objects near sensitive body parts.

To find out more about BettyAnn’s body piercing shop click here.

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