Nashville Murals Bicycle Tour

A tour showcasing Nashville’s downtown murals by bicycle. The tour will meet at the Downtown Library and gather at the statue of books at the corner of 7th and Church Street. The event will be hosted by founders and art activities Brenda Stein and Sara Lee Burd and will be co-hosted by Walk Bike Nashville. There will be a short route (five miles ) and long route (eight miles). The short route includes work by Herakut, Rone, Above, Shoe, Curiot, Herb Williams, Sam Dunson, Emily Miller, Brandon Donahue, Jon Buko, Michael Cooper, Norf Art Collective (@norfstudios, which includes @woke3, @doughjoe, @keep.3 @caffeinedream ), and Andee Rudloff. The long route includes work by James Threalkill and Michael McBride and Ian Ross, Chris Zidek, Nathan Brown, and Herb Williams and extends Jefferson Street and the Gulch. Bring your bike and helmets or rent either a Nashville B-Cycle or a bike from Green Fleet Bikes. Come learn about the murals and the artist that contributed to the Bicycle tour!

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