NATIVE Premiere: Katie Schecter’s “Wet Cold Chain”

Watch past You Oughta Know feature Katie Schecter‘s new video for “Wet Cold Chain,” one of the standout tracks from her latest self-titled EP. Directed by painter/multimedia artist BUCKLEY, the video blends Super 8 footage of Schecter with stop motion collages of the female form. It’s the perfect impressionistic accompaniment for “Wet Cold Chain,” a track that sees an exhausted and resigned Schecter signing lines like “I was feeling tired / So wrapped up in your game” over a wash of muddy synths and bass that falls somewhere between psychedelia and neo-noir (think Inherent Vice without the goofiness).

Shecter says, “[The video] depicts the repression, struggle and ultimately the freedom of being a woman,” and we couldn’t agree more. Watch below, and check out Schecter’s EP if you haven’t gotten the chance yet.

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