NATIVE Premiere: Patzy’s “Pat’s Chord Pool”

Patzy is nothing if not direct. The message of the band’s debut single, Pat’s Chord Pool, becomes abundantly clear when the first lyrics appear on screen (that’s right, folks—this is a sing-along): “No, not with this again / You’ve told me a thousand times / that you’re having the time of your life / so I’ll smile just like I’m having a ball.”

As someone who recently took some visiting friends downtown (on a Wednesday, no less—their idea, not mine), I understand why Patzy shot a majority of their video while meandering through a busy night on 2nd Ave. The place is the Mecca of pretending to enjoy yourself. Patzy’s right to suggest we would all do well to switch out our figurative masks for literal ones.

“Pat’s Chord Pool” churns between jovial and morose. It takes a special level of talent to sing “Someone tell me it’s okay / If I can’t get up today,” and have the listener gleefully hum along. That juxtaposition is what makes this song so special. We can’t wait to hear what Patzy has coming next.


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