NATIVE Premiere: zook’s “What’s It To You”

Singer-songwriter Zachary Tittel’s latest project, zook, seems relaxed. Maybe it’s the lack of capitalization, or maybe the nonchalance with which his announcements are made (prior to this single release, he posted on Facebook that he was “Gon put out a single”). Regardless, Nashville has an exciting addition to its lo-fi music scene with “What’s It To You,” the first single from zook’s upcoming debut, Garden Variety. It has us anything but calm.

In the accompanying video for the track, a camera twitches its way through the minutiae of an early morning walk through a city. We see a fire hydrant, weeds growing on a chain-link fence, a fountain. The only thing that isn’t ordinary is the simple yet poignant lyrics. At one point zook sings, “You’d only wanna go to request that tune / if you’d understand what I’m going through.”

We’re not sure we completely understand zook yet, but we’ll definitely be requesting this tune. Check out the video above, and keep an eye out for Garden Variety’s upcoming cassette release via Worker’s Comp Recordings.


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