Bringing people together to build community is a key ingredient in the ethos of oneC1TY. At Pastaria, our family-friendly Italian restaurant from James Beard Award winning Chef Gerard Craft. you’ll find the perfect table for getting together. Flavorful cuisine invites guests to celebrate food the way it’s done in the dynamic cities and quaint villages of Italy – whether they choose simple citrus salads and wood-fired pizza, or fresh organic pasta made every day, in-house. From cocktails through dessert, every course epitomizes meticulous preparation and reverence for quality, nourishing authentic experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. So what are you waiting for? Join us at the community table and be swept away at the only place in Nashville that is “Sorta close to Italy”.

Thirty-five years ago, engineers created and perfected the process we no know as 3D printing. Whether used to make life-saving medical devices, fine art, or superhero figurines, 3D printing represents the limitless potential that occurs when creativity meets technological innovation. oneC1TY honors this interplay between art and engineering with the oneC1TY stage. Not only is our stage canopy one of the world’s largest 3D printed structures, it’s also the outdoor anchor of a community rooted in innovative, holistic, and creative living. Like the invention of 3D printing, we hope oneC1TY encourages the makers, businesses, and artists among us to stay curious and creative.

oneC1TY fosters creative community and supports innovative thinkers in becoming their best selves. Great cities like Nashville are built thorugh neighborhoods that embody the DNA – the spirit – of the people within. The best neighborhoods are anchored with vibrant, holistic districts and include a diverse mix of people, places and services. At oneC1TY, we celebrate a rich tapestry of culture, lifelong learning, food-centric experiences, access to nature and high-quality design. JOIN US.

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